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Latisse - (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 


Latisse is a prescription in home eyelash treatment that grows eyelashes fuller, longer, and darker.

If you have a condition in which you have fewer eyelashes, or fewer lashes after removing eye lash extensions, Latisse can treat this condition to restore your lashes to a fuller, longer and darker appearance.





Swedberg Eye Care can prescribe it for you and instruct you in its use. While our technicians will give you detailed instructions at the time of your visit, Latisse must be applied at only the base of the upper eyelashes. When you blink, enough of this solution will make its way to your lower lashes. If you wear contact lenses. You can use Latisse but you must remove your lenses before applying the solution and reinsert them 15 minutes after application.


Latisse works over a three to four month period to double the fullness of the eyelashes in many cases, also while making them darker and longer. Latisse must be continued indefinitely, or you will lose the effect in a period of weeks. Swedberg Eye Care handles the 10 week Latisse kit, which give the greatest economic value and enough product to see a difference in eye lash growth with most individuals.


Latisse is safe for most people. After taking a brief medical history and checking vision and eye pressure, we can advise you if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you have eye pressure problems or other eye sensory sensitivities or allergies you may want to consult Doctor Swedberg before using Latisse.


Latisse can cause brown pigmented eyes to become slightly darker. This result does not usually reverse. In some cases, your eyelid may darken slightly, but this condition usually does reverse if you discontinue the product. About 4% of users experience mild side effects, such as itching and redness. The majority of people are very happy with the results of Latisse.



Would you like Fuller, longer, darker eyelashes? Call us to find out how to get a prescription for Latisse!



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